2005 dome bulb replacement

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Jul 9, 2024
Thunderbird Year
I have a question, when i open the door, my map lights dont come on, but When i use the switches, they do. I would like to replace these bulbs with can bus friendly led lights, but im not sure how to access the bulbs for replacement. Thanks guys!

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I replaced my 2002 with LEDs I just had to pop off the plastic lens covers and pull the old bulbs out and put the new ones in
Same from me, just popped the lenses and made the switch. Tons of suppliers out there and the most simple choice seems to be the best. Note that price equals quality in most cases.
I just bought my tbird, so i dont know if the interior lights are working properly. When i open my door at night, I have a light under the dash turn on, it lights the floorboard. Nothing on the passenger side. ( maybe a bad bulb) But none of the overhead lights in the map light area turn on. makes it difficult to find the key slot. Shouldn't something turn on to light the interior of the car when the door is open? Is there a switch I am missing? Thanks guys!