2003-2005 multi function turn signal switch combination level 4W4Z-13K359-BA


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Mar 9, 2003
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If you have a 2003, you have to check your switch to verify which one you have!
If there isn't one listed on ebay, sign into your ebay account and do a save search to get an email when one is listed- https://ebay.us/N8f4DO

only other choice is a junkyard!

Part Number: 4W4Z13K359BA
Supersession(s): 4W4Z-13K359-BA
Combination Switch. Dimmer,Turn Signal,Wiper. Includes: Wiper & Turn Signal Switch. Includes: Wiper Switch & Turn Signal Switch. Turn Signal / Combination Lever. Variable wiper. W/o smart sense pkg.

If you have a 2002 this is the correct part.