2002 Thunderbird interior door handle replacement and door ajar switch.

Nov 3, 2007
Thunderbird Year
On my 2002 Black Thunderbird, I finally took apart the door panel, and replaced the interior door handle that was broken, and
also replaced the intermittent door ajar switch, which was causing the window not to drop all the time, which also made closing
the door difficult when the window was fully up.

I was best to simply order a new door latch assembly 3W6Z76219A65AB for $238.01. This way you get a new chrome interior
handle, new cable, new door latch, new door lock motor, and new door ajar switch.

Removing door panel not hard, only thing somewhat hard was drilling out the three rivets that holds the interior door handle
to the door. Removing latch easy, and reconnecting the three rods for inside lock lever, exterior door handle, and exterior key
lock, also easy, however tight space inside door.

Also the chrome trim piece was loose on the door panel, on the back side of the door panel installed a washer, and a screw to
hold chrome trim piece down flush with the door panel. Some good photos below.
t bird door panel speaker.jpgT bird plastic on.jpgT bird door panel spacer.jpgT bird new handle.jpgT bird door panel chrome fix.jpgT bird complete.jpg
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Mar 9, 2003
Inserted your photos as full size images into the post as seen here-
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May 29, 2021
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Good info. I tried wrestling with the three rods and wasn’t able to disconnect them. Of course I didn’t want to break them so I didn’t over do it. What’s the trick to releasing them?
Okay, I was finally able to disconnect the rods. I solved 3 of the 4 problems. Window pops down as it should, interior light comes on as it should and power to the radio drops when the door is open. But darn, the door ajar light is still on! Oh well, I’m used to driving a BMW so I’ve learned to ignore lights! Don
Aug 6, 2022
Thunderbird Year
the cheap plastic interior door handles on the 2002-2005 thunderbird cost an arm and two legs to replace. I'm sorry I recently bought my 2002. Like a dummy I didn't check it out entirely and when I did, I noticed severe spiderweb cracking in the paint finish. Had already replaced the headlight assembly because of fogged headlights and then, boom, I exit the car and take part of the interior handle with me. cheap plastic. Will dump it on your for $9500.00 and get myself a Japanese car. rgton9@*******