2002 T-Bird: Where to put CELL PHONE?

need a viable option for a cell phone holder for the 2003 tbird???...nothing seems to work.....
I purchased this Mpow Car Phone holder with long arm.
It attaches to the flat area just in front of the fuel gauge. It has a very strong sticky gummy and suction cup. It is out of the way of the key, A/C vent and radio controls. I also have one of the FM converters that I use to create a blue tooth connection to my radio. See the attached images. It's what I decided worked for me.
This really works well. I have it in both my tbirds. It's not awkward at all and the ac vent is not blocked. Sort of important in AZ!
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Other than a window mount, has anyone successfully found a way to mount their phone inside their car? Best I've come up with is laying it sideways between the two cup dispensers, LOL. Don't want anything TOO tacky, but curious if there is "another alternative".
I put mind beside console and emergency brake.