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1994 4.6 Engine Rebuild

Discussion in '1989 - 1997 Ford Thunderbird' started by Terminatorbird, Sep 13, 2018.

  1. I would really like to rebuild my 4.6 one day when it blows. Car was a gift from my mother. I've had mostly 5.0s in my day and only one other 4.6 it was an lx also. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Want at least 350 rwhp but still want some reliabilty.What kind of transmission mod will be needed if any at all? New rear end? Would it be better to just have the engine bay modded for a mean 5.0? Any answers are appreciated. There are no dumb answers. Thanks
  3. Keep the 4.6 there's a lot of mods for that engine that can make a good racer plus side is that you won't have to change the wiring harness and other parts besides I've got a 3.8 supercharged that will beat a 5.0 they're a good engine but there also others that can do the same or better
  4. Sounds good. Any suggestions on like heads or cans etc?
  5. Sounds good. Any suggestions on like cams or heads etc??
  6. tbird

    tbird Forum Moderator Staff Member

    When you post to the forum, add your model year to the subject, and as the site instruction, use a MEANINGFUL SUBJECT. Using "rebuild" is not enough. I will edit for you this time. Thanks for posting.

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