1990 sc Not start after Scan tool test failed

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Dec 26, 2022
Thunderbird Year
Hi everyone. I was running a test with the Actron Scan Tool CP9110 on my SC, the Output Switch Test to be precise without disconnected the vacuum suply hose from the speed control servo ( I have not idea where they are), so the tool was disconnected during the test accidentally and the SC now does not start ( before it did whit no problems).Have anyone any suggestions to fix it? Please I need help to keep my boy alive. Thanks
Try a hard reset. This is disconnecting both battery cables and tieing them together ( zip tie) for 10 minutes. This should eliminate any codes and reset all the computer modules.
Hello. Thanks for your advice but it didn't worked. You can hear a clank when you turn on the key but anything else. So not start at all.
Ok time to get under the hood. Locate the starter solenoid, should be on the right fender. Remove the small wire on the "s" post. Now with a jumper wire go from the positive cable connection to the s post. Engine should crank over. If not check the battery charge level, and make sure the cables are clean and tight.
Still nothing? Put a breaker bar on the crank pulley bolt and make sure you can turn the engine. ( Just a little bit is ok). Lastly pull the starter. It could have died....
Hi. I took my time but finally I did it. So the engine almost start but it stopped after a few rounds. So the engine not starts and if I try again just the usual clank and some whirring noise but nothing rotate. Any suggestions?
If the starter clunks then spins you may have worn out teeth on the ring gear. You need to pull the starter and look at the ring gear.