1987 stalls turning left, won't restart for 8 hours

I had a 87 that would shut off sometimes when turning, sometimes it would start right back up other times wouldn’t. After spending numerous times tracing wiring and checking everything over I found the cause by accident. I had my son try to start it in my garage and all the overhead lights weren’t on and I saw a small arc. My issue was the battery cable. It actually looked to be in good shape but what it had done was come undone inside the terminal end. If the car moved just right it was enough to pull the cable apart and shut everything off. Replaced the cable for less than $20 and drove that $200 car for nearly 80kmiles


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good cautionary tale for making sure battery cables are up to snuff and ground points are clean. I would only add that starter solenoids can get dodgy too. cheap to replace at < $20 and well worth it.