1987 1988 Turbo Coupe or Sport Gray Carpet

Trying to clear out storage and found some great parts that I had left from a previous project, long long ago! I'll post them here and hopefully they can get put to some good use. Feel free to make an offer, my price is just tossed out there to get things rolling.....

OEM dark gray carpet kit for an 87 or 88 Turbo Coupe or Sport model. Basically a model with the center console shifter. This carpet was bought brand new from the dealer, installed, and then removed shortly thereafter and replaced with a custom interior.

The carpet was cut behind the console area so that it could be installed without removing the whole center console assembly. Basically it can just slide up on both sides on the transmission hump in the front floorboard area. Obviously the cut is inside the console so it is not visible, so this really should not be a problem. Needs a light cleaning.

Main issue: a small piece of the carpet was trimmed around the drivers kick panel area but I don't recall if it would be visible once installed. Obviously worst case you could reuse a small strip of existing carpet and patch it on and you would be good to go. It might be 1" at worst, but again I don't recall. Overall you would have basically brand new carpet throughout the rest of the interior!

Located near Los Angeles but can ship on your dime.

$50 OBO