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1983 tbird parts

Discussion in '1955 - 2005 Thunderbird Parts for Sale/wanted' started by 83tbirdchick, Feb 26, 2018.

  1. I have a 1983 thunderbird 5.0. This car was a buy from a salvage auction after suffering a engine bay fire. I’ve rewired the car and got it running perfectly. Now I’m in need of some little parts that in my area are difficult if not impossible to find. The parts list I have for this car is;
    Hood latch assembly
    Hood latch release cable
    Door panels
    Center console arm rest

    Does anyone have any suggestions to where I need to look to find these? I’ve looked on eBay and Some of the stuff is there but extremely over priced. I contacted a few places like the tbird ranch but I’m still waiting on a returned call and other places just tell me to check junk yards. The junk yards here in Tennessee laugh when you tell them the car and say the crushed those the day they came through the gates. I’m only one in a 100 mile radius that has a tbird of this year and no one knows anything about them. I can’t find anything that shows if anything is interchangable and how far you can go with the years and parts like I’m needing. So any information would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance!
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  2. I know of one in my neighborhood wrecking yard here on the Westcoast. State of Washington. If you're still looking for part's please let me know as soon as possible. I also know where another is that belongs to a private party but I'm not sure of the exact year's but they. Sort of resemble your car. And yes I do know what I'm looking considering I owned 7 bird's at one time from '83-'88. I hope that I can help you. S.K.
  3. My neighborhood wrecking yard has 2, of these and I know of one owned by a private party. Let my know what you need. S.K.

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