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1980 ford thunderbird brake line location

Discussion in '1967 - 1988 Ford Thunderbird' started by Muddog1966, Nov 17, 2018.

  1. Hi everyone. I am new to this forum. My 16 year old son has bought his first car from my sister. It is a 1980 ford Thunderbird that my grandfather bought new in 1980. We are working through some issues from the car sitting. The brake line that runs from the front of the car to the rear is leaking where it exits the frame at the rear. I see where it enters the firewall at the front but i am unfamilar with where it goes through the body, any info would be greatly appreciated. i will post pics of the car soon
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  2. Welcome to the forum. Get yourself a repair manual as soon as you can. They will save you a lot of time and headache.
  3. Find the spot that's leaking.Pull slightly away from the frame. Cut off the bad part with a hacksaw. be careful not to bend or crimp either end of line. Get the same size brake line & brass compression fittings as the lines at your local auto store. Get a tube cutter to use on new brake line it's easier than a hacksaw. Cut it the same length as the bad part of line you cut off. Clean off rust & ETC from line that was cut off by frame. Put the compression fitting nut & round collar on to line on both ends with compression fitting in the middle & tighten them all up. You will probably have to bleed the brakes through the brake bleeders in the back of each wheel. Best , easiest & cheapest way to repair a leaking , broke or rusted brake line. Keep me posted. GOOD LUCK
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  4. I put up another post called BLEEDING BRAKES. Check it out and follow it. It's pretty simple. Good Luck
  5. I found were the brake line is routed. Had to remove the interior to access. Now I have to get some parts to replace it all from the bad spot to both back brakes. Thanks
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