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1970 center console repair ideas

Discussion in '1967 - 1988 Ford Thunderbird' started by 40birds, Sep 10, 2019.

  1. C8621AED-866B-4BCE-8745-92273C583FC3.jpeg 91B863D9-112B-4B7C-B99F-41741381EE1E.jpeg This is on my 70 center console, I’ve finally gotten all the pieces color changed and now have hit a road block. As you can see in the top of the console picture the rear portion of the ashtray lid is missing some support. The other picture circled in yellow shows that area from the underside. It appears there was originally a plastic piece that went side to side and allowed the metal bracket to attach to it but that had disappeared long before I ever got it. So I’ve stared at this countless times trying to figure what to do with it and have come up with nothing so figured I’d see if any of you guys had any thoughts/suggestions on what could work
  2. biddle

    biddle Forum Moderator Staff Member

  3. Actually the year is not realty relevant, Id be interested in any suggestions on ways to repair the missing plastic brace
  4. jazbo

    jazbo Active Member Lifetime Donor

    If you are willing to have a non-functional ashtray (who needs them these days?) you could epoxy in a bracket underneath to hold it in place and look good.
  5. 57AE8219-5E8D-4FA2-A9CD-EC1AD2DA1C1E.jpeg F47CB29E-753F-45C8-8E6E-A621BD1FC6D2.jpeg For now that’s what I did, I made a bracket and have it installed. I made it out of some metal and if I can find some thinner hardware it will function as designed. It works now but it’s a tight slide.
  6. biddle

    biddle Forum Moderator Staff Member

    Post the model year(s) in the subject on your future posts. This is a requirement.

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