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1969 Thunderbird Clock

Discussion in '1955 - 2005 Thunderbird Parts for Sale/wanted' started by Sammer, Oct 30, 2017.

  1. Weird that there is a clock there and not a tachometer. I’d rather have that than a silly clock.
  2. Sometimes there are tachometers too. Just enter a search and you get a mail when there is one.
    Silly clock......? I think it is nice when everything works as it should on a nice classic.
  3. Silly as in I don't understand why its there instead of a tach. I didnt mean nonsense.
  4. Sorry, I misunderstood your commend :-( Tachometer for RPM.....I got u now. Yes, wouldn't be a bad idea....maybe instead of the never working Amp-meter :p
  5. New clock arrived and it really works. NOS ! Perfect, I am happy. If anybody needs it, I still have the old clock that works fine beside the electric actuator - let me know.
  6. New clock is mounted and all dash work is finished ! The 40 Dollar clock I purchased was just perfect. I was really lucky with that buy ! Works just perfect and holds the time ! When I first had all out of the car, I also changed the bulbs for led-bulbs and they give a beautiful result. Now it is possible to see what the gauges do at night. I kept the blue caps over the new leds. Perfect result. As my amp meter does not move either to charge or discharge, I tested the gauge on my work table. It works perfect there. So I wonder if we all have a problem with the signal to the amp meter? Many of us with 67-71 T-Birds say the amp meter does not show anything... and did not even work as it should when the car was new. Anybody has a fix on this problem ?
  7. I didn’t know you could just toss in led bulbs in these old cars. I would have thought the voltage was different or it would cause weird problems. Thought these care are pretty simplistic. Lacking anything really considered a computer of any sort. They really are just mechanical and analog.
  8. No problem at all ! Just put them inn the right way and they lit up. Now its possible to see whats going on at night. Fantastic and also nice to look at. Even the dimmer on the light switch work with them....

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