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1967 thunderbird 4 door

Discussion in '1967 - 1988 Ford Thunderbird' started by drgaspump, May 16, 2016.

  1. I'm looking to purchase a 1967 Thunderbird for the drive train, But only if its a 428 engine. The 5th digit should be a Z or a Q but the guy swears its a O. Its almost impossible to tell a 390 from a 428 unless you disassemble the engine. I was told if its a 428 it would have a ( A ) welded on the back of the block. Did they make a 4 door Thunderbird with out AC with a 428 ?? Also it only has a 2 barrel carb. The guy swears the old man bought the car new and may have ordered the car with a 2 barrel ?? Anything special I should look for ??
  2. I'm almost positive there were never any 428's with a 2 barrel. That said, it is not that difficult (weight withstanding!) to change intake manifolds. The easiest way to tell is looking at the flex plate (flywheel). The 428 is externally balanced and has a weight welded on it. The 390 does not. If the flex plate is not on the engine you could get creative and check the stroke through one of the spark plug holes. The 390 stroke is 3.78" while the 428 is 3.98". I don't know about an "A" welded on the block. I wouldn't put much stock in that theory. With only .080" difference in the bore, I don't think the block casting itself was different but it could have been. I do know that years ago I did bore 390's out to the 428 bore size.
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