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1967 Tbird Headers

Discussion in '1967 - 1988 Ford Thunderbird' started by Johnnymanch, Dec 23, 2016.

  1. I have a 1967 Tbird that I want to put headers on. I can't seem to find any that would bolt right on. Everyone is saying that I would have to do some modifying. Does anyone know where I could purchase some ready to bolt on. It's a 390 FE. Thanks.
  2. I just saw some shorty's advertised on ebay, then u have to run new pipes to the y I'm gettin em
  3. Thanks, I'll take a look at them.
  4. any news on this? I'm in the same boat here.
  5. You won't find any headers that are bolt on. Not for this Tbird. Be careful of any headers you buy as they MAY be for the 390 motor itself, but I HIGHLY doubt they will fit in the engine compartment of the Tbird and clear the center cross member. Usually the passenger side will give you issues with the crossmember and the drivers side its the steering box and transmission linkage. Also what are you putting headers on for anyway? Shorty headers don't give very much in terms of HP over just the stock manifolds and long tubes would be a PITA to get them to fit.
  6. both stock manifolds are cracked in a few places, the weird flapper thing for the choke has fallen apart, good stock replacement manifolds are super expensive from what I've seen. I'd like to get it a little more efficient. the headman headers look like they'd be pretty close. I'm sure the shorty are a lot better than the standard logs.
  7. Honestly? Not really. A better exhaust system will let your car breath easier over shorty headers. I have also already tried most headers. They DO NOT fit. You will run into problems on the passenger side with the center crossmember, and on the drivers side with the steering box and transmission shifter linkage. The collector is almost always in the wrong position placed too far up between the 2nd and 3rd exhaust ports. NO one has designed headers for a proper fit for this era Thunderbird. It's just not a popular year. Anything you get is going to have to be modified in some way for clearance. Count on that. Though I tried for a 429 in my 69 thunderbird. However the cars are identically the same frame and body wise.

    The thing with headers is a lot of the people selling them are just selling the same thing others. They are simply suppliers and not the manufacturer if it themselves.
  8. I have found a set from fordpower that are garaunteed to fit and made specific for the 67, but they're almost 1000 dollars for the pair, and that's half my budget for the entire project lol
  9. jazbo

    jazbo Active Member Lifetime Donor

    I just sold a set of Headmans on Ebay for half of what I paid for them for my 70. Exactly as you describe. The cost of owning a low-volume classic car.
  10. no chance of modifying them to fit? they look pretty close.
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  11. I agree they look pretty close. Though on the passenger side you may get issues with the transmission dipstick tube. Well... I am not sure about the 390, but on the 429 the dipstick tube is right where the header would be. Also another issue would be the idler arm. It’s right next to the exhaust manifold. That collector may have issues with that. Drivers side looks good. However a lot of people tell me that the headers sit too closely to the oil pan and would heat the oil unnecessarily. I guess it’s whatever you think about that. $1000 bucks for what is basically shorty headers is quite excessive. Especially since shorty headers don’t really do much over stock manifolds.

    If you want power get the heads worked on or a custom exhaust that lets the engine breath better. Most of the time the exhaust ports on the heads are pretty restrictive.
  12. I was planning on reworking some GT heads and 2.5 inch dual exhaust. now I know why no one hot rods these things. haha!
  13. Honestly I don't see why not. They have a great body line and some very sleek style to them. I would hot rod these over any of the earlier birds any day.
    Here's my 69 with new wheels on it. Oh and I also put a 2.5 inch exhaust with flowmaster super 40's on it. Makes the car run much better along with sounding better to boot!
  14. Also the fact they have a very strong and reliable driveline. What with the 429/390, a C6 with a Ford 9 inch rear? You got the makings of some serious muscle there. Just need to stiffen up the suspension so they don't float so much.
  15. Haha! under the car right now. didnt realize they had a nice 3 link set up.
  16. jazbo

    jazbo Active Member Lifetime Donor

    The speed shop said they'd have to cut and weld my frame. I didn't want to do that and went with a redesigned reinforced pass side manifold (new for 300$)
  17. Yeah that would be a REALLY BAD idea. What motor do you have? Because if its the 429 any of the 385 series manifolds would fit. I mean the 429 is just a 460 block with a different crank and stroke. You can literally pop 429 heads on to a 460 block and it would be pretty much bolt right on. Thats what I did with mine in my 69. I got manifolds for a 460 then took it to a shop and had custom exhaust put on it.
  18. they build these frequently ! HD design / Max ground clearance >> bare for $695 or + $235 in full ceramic thermal coatings. 3 weeks backlogged currently.
    Stan FPA Ford Headers
    253 848-9503 9-5 Mon-Fri Pacific time
  19. hey he told me 750!

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