1966 tbird restore progress report

Just wanted to drop you guys a line to let you know of my progress ... YES it's making me pull my hair out .... but in a fun way lol .... pictures to follow ..... my wife says its my new mistress .... lol i got most of the major parts stripped off the car sitting in my small shop ....
1. complete power train
2. complete interior some moron had carpet glued to roof instead of headliner
3. all the front end , hood, grill, headlights, fenders
4. tailight and bumper assembly
5. gas tank ... rusty and leaking ughhhhhhh
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Sounds fun.
I'm Fighting a 59 front engine assembly, buddy took it a part disappeared, I'm no gearhead this pile of parts is slowly going back together . Alternator just will not go back.
Joys of classic cars.
Fuel gauge in my Willys must be fixed, ran out of dual today, in the rain.
driver foot.png driver front.png driver rear pass seat.png driver side passenger .png front coil springs.png image1.png image4.png interior pass.png pass2.png passenger floot.png here you go .... i know it looks bad NOW ..... hopefully in this lifetime i can resurrect it so let me know what you think of the pics and/or suggestions how to proceed, what is your experiences etc.....
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I volunteer in the Restoration Department of the Crawford Auto Museum, and among one of the projects I am currently involved in is the total restoration of a 1955 Thunderbird. Compared to this car, yours doesn’t look too bad. Fortunately, there are about 25 volunteers that lend their expertise to the many ongoing projects we have in the Restoration Department.

Another project that we just started on yesterday that might be of interest to you and others, is the total mechanical restoration of a 1960 stainless steel Thunderbird.

I attached a few pictures of the 1955 and 1960 Thunderbird.

1955 Thunderbird Blue


thanks for the vote of confidence ...i was having one of those :eek: moments when i seen it lol ..... i keep thinking it's not as bad as it looks haha, just a little overewhelming ... but i'm in no rush ..... would be nice to have that kinda help ...... that steel bird looks cool tho .... if you can give me any tips on the way would be great .....

ooooooh btw my friend is a welder and was thinking of making a rotissere for the car *( like yours in pic i see now) but was sure how strong the metal needs to be and how high etc... could u give me some dimensions thanks

have a great day and fun with your cars
We were going to make the rotisserie, but with all of the different projects we are working on, the project manager decided to just buy one. Since the rotisserie is adjustable, we might be able to use it on another project in the future.

1955 Thunderbird Blue