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1966 QCode 428 engine ID

Discussion in '1955 - 1966 Classic Ford Thunderbird' started by Grahamp, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. 1966 T Bird with QCode 428 engine. How do you ID this model via VIN number and/or engine block. Also is the VIN stamped on the engine. Thinking of buying one
  2. biddle

    biddle Forum Moderator Staff Member

    Please include the model year of the car in the subject of the topic on future posts. I added it for you.
  3. Poppy Red

    Poppy Red Active Member Lifetime Donor

    The 5th letter of the VIN denotes the engine the car was built with. A "Q" for the 428" and a "Z" for a 390.
    Below is the info I found to confirm my car has the 428 engine. The number on the lower right bank, (have to get under the car to see it if the engine is not out of the car) stamped during casting (and difficult to read!) will start with a C6.

    Once you get the stamping number, go to the web site at the bottom of the info, and scroll down to the C6 listings, you should be able to find the data for your engine.

    (Note) the info below is from the engine in my car, and it starts with C7, as it is not the original 428 engine, but was replaced with an engine block from 1967 Mustang, as I was told when the car was purchased!

    390/428 engine :

    Block- casting date- 7 (C or G) 31 1967, Mar or July 31st

    Number on lower left bank - 24 D1F

    Number on lower right bank- C7ME-A ('67-70 Police Interceptor 428 4V Cobra Jet)

    Intake Manifold: 6E20 - 1966 May 20 (Casting date?)

    Also on runner: C6AE, ('66 428 cu) 425-G

    Engine info web-site: http://www.erareplicas.com/427man/engine/partnums.htm
  4. fordrodsteven

    fordrodsteven Well-Known Member Gold Donor

    The car VIN number is not stamped on the engine. As I understand it when Ford builds the cars they pull from a warehouse supply of engines to match the build sheet for each particular car. The best verification you can do then is find an engine with a number from the correct "era" that has a build date prior to the build date on your car. So really there is no such thing as a "fully numbers matching" car when it comes to Ford. Unless you consider having the proper date code would make it "numbers matching" then it would be an accurate description.
  5. Outstanding
    outstanding - thank you
  6. Outstanding - thank you

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