1966 oil dipstick tube installation

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Sep 14, 2019
Thunderbird Year
Hello all. I have a 1966 with a 390 engine. The oil dipstick tube separated from the mounting bracket. I picked up a replacement tube and took a look underneath today. It looks like the bracket goes under a manifold bolt. I hit it with some penetrating oil. What's the likelihood of getting the bolt out without snapping it? I know it sounds crummy but I'm thinking of just zip tying the old tube to the bracket as opposed to risking a big problem.

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If it's on a bottom bolt they rarely have issues.
Bottom bolt. I'll try it tomorrow. Thank you.
Bottom bolt. I'll try it tomorrow. Thank you.
Thanks again. Getting to the bolt and then bending back tabs that were on a washer was a little difficult. I gather the tabs are there to keep the bolt from backing out so I put them back. Also had to pull the oil and gas filters to get better access. Gas filter was a little tough and as I suspected, the gas filter canister got a little beat up in the process. Put back a sharp looking Ford canister and Ford oil filter. The only other thing to note is that new dipstick tube is a little stubborn going in and you have to work it into place. Changed the oil and greased the joints while I was at it. All and all a good day for the TBird and all set for spring.