1966..390 it’s first restore tips and tricks

May 12, 2022
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Just bought my first 66’ 390. She’s been sitting for about 6 years so obviously there’s a lot of things to change and fluids to flush. Engine was rebuilt before it sat and I was told that it ran when it was parked. So far I’ve rebuilt the carburetor, new oil (it was empty when I towed it to my house, guessing there was a small leak and it drained over the years) , oil filter, fuel pump, fuel lines, fuel filter, battery, starter solenoid. Im going to re coat the fuel tank as soon as that kit comes in. Distributor labs no corrosion and the wires/ plugs look fine. The neutral safety switch I think was a pain in the previous owners butt and they couldn’t figure it out but after I found that getting it to turn over was easy peasy. Is there any other things I might be forgetting that you guys would want to throw at me? It’s my first restore project. I’m getting help here and there from my fiancé but he’s more interested in our new his and hers Honda Express’ . Any and all input is welcome ! Like…. Please.. if I’m forgetting things tell me. Hahaha
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74 Harley

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Jul 8, 2020
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Change the thermostat. And the radiator/heater hoses.them fire it up. Be prepared, an engine that has sat a long time could have a lifter tick, it could smoke a little too. Usually those will clear up after a bit of run time.
Now on to the important stuff! BRAKES! Even if they work they need to be rebuilt. Master cylinder, wheel cylinders, and rubber lines need to be changed. Or at least the rubber components in them.