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1965 wooden carburator spacer

Discussion in '1955 - 1966 Classic Ford Thunderbird' started by inspector, Aug 14, 2019 at 2:54 PM.

  1. I was having problems with vapor lock as a result of gasoline boiling in my carb bowls. Reduced the heat transfer from the intake manifold to the carb by replacing the aluminum spacer with a wooden one. No more vapor problems. I'm posting photos of how I made the spacer. After the spacer was made I coated the barrels with epoxy to prevent gasoline absorbsion int the wood. I then painted it with engine enamel. Not sure how to post pictures. looks like I'll have to use 2 posts.

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  2. Rest of pictures

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  3. s1nemesis1s

    s1nemesis1s Well-Known Member Gold Donor

    NICE WORK - THIS is the type of innovation that will keep classic cars going! 90's cars are becoming classics now...Gosh, I feel old! I remember when I was a kid and my best friend's parents bought a brand new Grand Prix in the 90's - with all the ground effects and everything - I thought it was so futuristic - they took 8-year-old nemesis for a ride and I did not like it then though - was used to my dad's BIG 70's town cars...oh man, he bought a 69 Buick 225 with a 430 I think, in the early 90's I remember pulling my slide over to it, climbing the stairs on it and watching him work - had to have a ladder. Dad bought those old cars to make sure we had a house, good food, and things we needed and even wanted - He told me the other day about this side of it...I thought he had always liked old cars and was frugal - I knew money factored in, just not how much it did really. Then I remember when he test drove a 88 lincoln in 92 - I was 8 years old and I thought I was in a LIMO, the dash and all...but he just could not make the deal fly - my brother had been very ill and this was before health care coverage was a good as it is now - shocking right? - and they lost everything...he wanted to be upwardly-mobile so bad, had a college education, but the 80's just did not work out for a young man...and with my brother so mentally ill - it just all kind of fell apart.
    Today I met with some administrators with my dad for care for my brother when dad and I are at work...mom's loss is so much more than tragic...it has broken our world and will keep my dad's broken forever.

    Wow - I laid it out there - going to post it - felt good to get it out.
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  4. Hadderz

    Hadderz Active Member Lifetime Donor

    Sometimes as a kid you don't even know the hard struggles people have to cope with and the ways they do it. With the day to day expense its scary that most are one pay cheque away from losing everything. Adding in family challenges such as what your family have been through - you all deserve a medal!! I hope the future can be full of joys no matter how small and you get excellent care for your brother - not forgetting the love and support your dad needs and obviously deserves!!!
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  5. Hadderz

    Hadderz Active Member Lifetime Donor

    Hi, great mod - great workshop!!! Thought the water running through the original spacer was suppost to sort these issues? Presume from your experience, it didn't!
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