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1965 front directional indicator bulbs

Discussion in '1955 - 1966 Classic Ford Thunderbird' started by Hank Chinaski, Dec 23, 2017.

  1. Greetings and Happy Holidays fellow Bird lovers - what tool is needed to remove bulbs from housing on front directional indicators located on each side of front hood. Bulbs will not move and sit inside what looks like a ring with 2 notches for a tool to be inserted to loosen the bulb.
  2. I took mine apart with a custom ground socket I don't remember what size I think around 10 mm 1/4 " drive just grind down until there are 2 pins left
  3. I had the unfortunate experience of this. The indicator was not always lighting up. While the car was on a lift, I asked if someone could reach up and tighten the nuts underneath to improve the ground connection. Instead, they immediately put the car down, and proceeded to take the assembly apart. No, no, NO! It's GROUND! But I could not convince then before it was in pieces. Finally I got them to stop for a moment. Took a jumper cable, connected one end to the car and touched the other end to the lamp housing. It lit up! See, it's GROUND! Well, before they got it back together they proceeded to break the bulb. Found one at an auto parts store, but it's dim. I still have a bad ground. Geez . . .

    So now I need the PROPER bulb, and must take it apart again, and THEN try and tighten the mount. It requires a socket extension of about six feet . . .

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