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1965 convertible fender skirt

Discussion in '1955 - 1966 Classic Ford Thunderbird' started by Scott Fonner, Sep 1, 2017.

  1. Currently car has chrome trim on wheel wells. Suspect original owner didn't choose fender skirt option.
    Any reason why an original set, not aftermarket, of skirts won't fit? I removed wheel well trim. As well how many pins, and where are they located on skirts. I bought a pair with good chrome and they only have one pin on the front, near bottom.
  2. I am sorry to tell you but the skirts you have are for 1966 T-Birds only. The 1966 T-Birds had the stainless trim on both the front and back fender wheel openings. If the fender skirt option was used the fender skirt had the stainless trim. The 1965 T-Birds did not come with any trim in the wheel opening or on the fender skirt. If you have a true 1965 T-Bird then someone added the trim to the car which could be done very easily. The number of pins may vary. The 1966 fender skirt has four (4) slots for the pins and the pins were located in the fender: one front, one back, and two on the top part of wheel opening. My 1966 had only one pin on the top part of wheel opening. That pin was closer to the front.
  3. Sqtbrd, thank you for the assist. Assume I know nothing. I don't. It is a 1965 T-Bird and has wheel well trim, front and rear, so it must have been added, looks good. I don't know if know what "true" is.
    Purchased skirts that have 3 pin slots and 1 alignment pin which is the only hole on skirt edge besides the pin slots.
    Photo attached. Is 1965 Thunderbird Skirt diagram.jpg this is a 1966? Thanks in advance.
  4. Without measuring it yours looks correct for a 65... missing the seal B 27986BR Fender Skirt Seal For 1964-1965-1966 Ford Thunderbird (B27986BR).
  5. I have checked a 1965 Thunderbird rear wheel opening and there are three pins in the fender and one in the fender skirt. The one in the fender skirt is in the front part of the skirt. The two pins in the fender are in the top part of the opening, the third pin is located at the rear of the wheel opening.

    What I meant by "true" is if the car was stock from the factory.
  6. Thank you Sqtbird, I'm glad I joined, what a great resource. Your effort is appreciated.
  7. Following up on the seal between the body and skirt...you can see a series of closely placed pin holes in your photo where the staples are installed. Reuse the same holes for this installation.
  8. Thanks Makrie, I ordered the seal which came with SS staples.
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