1965 air gap between master cylinder and vacuum booster

Hey guys. Is there supposed to be an air gap between the bake master cylinder and the Vacuum booster? It has that diamond shaped grey metal piece and the nylon "washer." But it looks like air can escape from around it. But the Brake Master Cylinder going into the booster doesn't seem to be a "Snug" air-tight fit. Thoughts?

Thanks guys.

I tried taking off the metal spacer in there and bolted the master right to the booster, but now the booster is not working at all. There was a rip in the rubber Center slinky part and I tried to seal it with RTV. I guess the next step is to just buy a new booster. I think I'm going to go with the 9" Universal one I saw in another guys post, the price to rebuild one of these old babies is expensive.


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Hey there Ndaniels03. I suspect but am not certain that the booster to MC fit does not need to be air tight. But a rip in the booster diaphragm is bad news as I'm sure you're aware. Might be an opportunity to replace the booster and MC (in the process) with a dual MC unit.