1963 Convertible Engine removal problems. Need some help

Where did you disconnect the motor mounts from? There is one bolt on each side accessible from underneath. From what you said, it's difficult to ascertain what problems you are having. Are you pulling the trans with the engine? Or just the engine.

Dale Leonard

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Did you remove the bell housing bolts and jack up under the transmission.
If you are bringing the transmission out with the engine did you remove all shift linkage and unbolt the transmission mount.
Did you disconnect the exhaust .
So many things that you are not telling us, so how can we help you if you do not explain what you have done. I am not trying to be nasty but trying to help.


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I did mine by leaving in the transmission. You have to remove the cover from under the front of the bell housing and remove the bolts from the torque converter. Obviously the bell housing to engine bloke too.