1962 - restoration tips

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Sep 12, 2023
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Hi there brain trust,

I just started a reno on a 1962 coupe. I'm thinking that I will have a question or 2 in the near future as it is our first project.
Just wanted to hi and see if there are any tips out there that can help us along. Car is 95% stripped with lots of photos taken as we went along.



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Welcome from California! Use blue tape to label your wires, and lots of small boxes or can that can be easily labeled for small parts.
Take your time.
When taking my seats apart to reupholster them, I blue taped the attaching screws/clips on the back of the trim in the position they came off (not all screws are the same on each trim piece position.). I also did one seat at a time to get familiar with the disassembly/assembly steps.