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Sep 25, 2022
Hello, I found a 1962 in a garage yesterday evening 5 blocks from my house. I’m really instead in it. It’s all there not ran or been on the road since 1997. I want to make an offer on i she wants to get it to a new home for it to be bro back to life and enjoyed. its A/C power windows hub caps. White white an white the dash is kind of a rose beige color. Seats are perf dash and tops of doors are cracked and the top is toast. She said the fuel tank is rusted out. Her father bought it from New Jersey in 1979 with a dent in fender. He had it fixed. It had jus over 32,000 miles on it when he bought it it now shows 65,851
And what is your question? lol
A reasonable price for the car
No photos of the car, no way to hear it run, this would be hard to determine in person, much less over the internet. What is the asking price?
I'm hoping to be able to get this car purchased very soon been working on the deal for a couple months now.
2Y87Z129185 the engine is Z code 390 4-V 300 HP painted gold so that makes it a special. so what makes it Special?
other than the gold color?