1961 plastic seat covering removable?

I just got my grandpa's 61 Thunderbird. All the seats (except the back of driver) have clear custom-fit plastic installed with hog rings... it's this a normal thing? I was going to remove it because it is old and yellowed and it looks like the seats underneath will be amazing.

Moderator Note: After seat cover removal photos here-

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Back in the day, people would put this on their furniture and car upholstery, aftermarket of course.
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I would go for it, and like Bond says, be cautious. I definitely think you will be in for a pleasant surprise, friend of mine inherited a 67 Caprice from his grandmother, had the same yellowing seat covers, we ripped those suckers off (nothing stuck, it all ca,me right off) and presto, it was like getting brand new upholstery.

Good luck and keep us posted with the results!
My son and I had to remove the seats. When the plastic was put on they basically did it to perfection and it was installed as if it were the actual vinyl/clothe covers.

Nothing was sticking at all. The old plastic was stinky though so this should make the car smell much better!

Underneath the plastic it really is like new! It is very supple and there are no stains. I'm guessing this was installed at the dealership or shortly thereafter.
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When I was a kid my mother had our 57 Plymouth covered with custom made plastic covers. Kept the seats clean but real hot when out in the sun, especially if you had a bathing suit on. I still remember burning my butt on that plastic. What a beautiful car.