1961 fuel flow to carburetor problem

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Feb 10, 2023
Thunderbird Year
Having problems with fuel flow to carburetor from fuel pump. I’ve installed a new fuel tank and fuel line to pump. From the pump I’ve installed a clear in line filter to be sure there is no contamination coming from anywhere. While driving I can feel a surge and I’m now wondering if the fuel pump is failing. With air cleaner off I can watch fuel flow through the clear filter into carb but it never fills the filter completely and I believe that’s causing the surge. Easy enough to replace the pump but I’m wondering if anyone has tried an electric fuel pump instead of mechanical one. Alternately Carter offers a higher flow mechanical pump intended for racing application.
Has anyone done anything beyond the stock pump with success? I’d appreciate your comments.

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The filter doesn't need to be full. Remember that you have an " open" fuel system. E.g. the carburetor float bowl is vented to the atmosphere. Surging could be caused by many things, including sticky counter weights under the breaker plate in your distributor.
You really only need 3-5 psi fuel pressure. Electric pumps work well, especially for cars that sit a lot.
You really have no need for a racing fuel pump.
Another thing too look at is your distributor itself. Grab the rotor and try to move it side to side. It should be firm.