1960 Thunderbird 292 fitting identification

Not sure if I’m posting this in the right place but thought I’d start here. I recently purchased a 58 Fairlane that has a 1960 Thunderbird 292 with a 2 bbl. there is a crank vent behind the manifold but is currently open. Can I vent the crankcase with a PCV valve to this fitting? I’m not sure what this fitting is for.

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Vermbird thank you for your reply. Yeah I agree it does look like a vacuum line but it’s a barbed fitting which usually isn’t used for a vacuum line. These Y blocks are pretty cool but do have a lot of odd things going on, so I dunno. I think I’ll call Casco or Larry’s and see what they think. Thanks again for your help.
if you can get it running put your finger on it, if it has vacuum then it could go to power brake booster, maybe from a road draft tube that discharges blow-by. if its vacuum line you will have a big vacuum leak unless you plug it. you photo shows all fittings disconnected, fuel inlet, vacuum to distributor vacuum advance and the mystery fitting.