1960 engine swap with Chevy 350 small block

Maybe the FoMoCo engine died and he had a spare 350. I would prefer a Mopar 383 but that’s just me.
Mopar would be far better than a GM anything.... 383 were strong as long as you opened the crank journals a bit more....but there's a plethora of Ford motors that would fit fine in that Bird too


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Unless I pay your bills I don't get to tell you what to do. I do not see why you could not do that. There is likely a chev. oil pan with the sump in the position you need it. It would possibly entail a different oil pump pickup as well. Clearance for the steering can be a problem as well as exhaust routing. Try looking at the various adapter makers and the hot rod parts catalogs for parts to solve fitment issues,
By the way Ford and Chevrolet do have a historic connection. Before the Chevrolet brothers made their own cars they made the Frontenac heads for model T fords.
Have fun, J.


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If an engine swap keeps the car alive go for it! These cars only fetch what someone wants to pay anyway, worth more running than not!
You'd have to drop the sump and see where the oil pick up is and if the sump can be modded. Plenty of mod parts and often cheaper than Ford stuff.
No one said anything about what is in the T-Bird now (352 or 430). These are all Ford big blocks & an power upgrade to a1966 or later 428 Ford block would be nice. Has anyone considered issues with motor mount, transmission & linkage or drive shaft??

Personally, my current Fords are 64 & 65 TBird convs, 63 Galaxie XL 2dr, 69 Mustang conv & retro 2004 T-Bird, - I would hate to change the power train from Ford on any of them. And I'm the same on my 72 Mopar gold Duster, 2005 supercharged Crossfire SRT conv, & my supercharged Pontiac Grand Prix GTP.

I bought & like each of these cars for what they brought to the table in their own time. While I've upgraded a number of common sense performance areas on some, I've kept each car generally true to the manufacture who designed & made them, without my being a "every original nut & bolt" fanatic. So I guess I would suggest keeping a "Vintage 1960 T-Bird" true to "FoMoCo".
Maybe the FoMoCo engine died and he had a spare 350. I would prefer a Mopar 383 but that’s just me.
Yes, I had a 350 w/tranny already. I found the ‘60 T bird at a scrap yard. They were going to crush it. It only had the block and crank of a 352 in it. So I thought I would try and put the 350/350 in it, but no luck. I’ve read where some of the Chevy II and Novas had front sump pans and could possibly convert mine but haven’t researched enough to be sure. Just thought maybe someone on here had done it. Any suggestions where to find an engine that would fit it??