1957 what would you do?

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Jul 8, 2020
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So I will have the opportunity in about 6 months to a year to aquire this car.
Just starting a fun post to hear your ideas.

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So I will have the opportunity in about 6 months to a year to aquire this car.
Just starting a fun post to hear your ideas.
It looks better than this one that's for sale.

1955 Thunderbird Blue

T-Bird Parts Car.jpeg
Well, there are your rear quarters
No expert, but had many different cars over the years and seen people buy cars that are basket cases. My favorite is guys who want to restore junk because it has sentimental value. I get it but I always want to know WHY. So much cheaper to buy something that runs and drives. Have personally witnessed guys spend 250,000 to restore junk that’s worth 30,000. I don’t get it! Buy something to enjoy it in the moment. Don’t sit back and give a shop 3 years to restore junk.
If you understand that:
1 you will never get your time money or effort back out of it.
2 There will be pain
3 No one will ever understand why
4 you gotta do it for no other reason than love or obsession.

Go For it.
As a collector of vintage cars, I learned a long time ago from a master collector whose name is Jim Taylor , that unless you have
some sort of need to fulfill, you'll spend at least half the amount to buy a car that's already been restored!
There are many driver quality cars out there for 15 to 20k. That one looks to be a parts car. Even is it was one of the few made with a supercharger and has a complete drive train with it. I’m sure you would be in at least 100k for a medium restoration. Drive train and suspension, if it’s all there, is 12 to 15k to sub it out. Hope the frame is in good shape. Chrome 4-6 k with shipping on both sides. Body, frame/support shell off and media blasted 3 k if you do the break down and build the exoskeleton. Wiring is 110 an hour where I live plus parts supplies. count on at least 20 hours, interior at least 3 k gauge cluster rebuild at least 800 suspension brakes. Parts are cheap maybe 700 if you keep and reuse the drums etc and you do the work if not maybe 1500-3 k , body work , you won’t know any numbers until the body comes back from the media guy. It should be on a rotisserie with the exoskeleton in place . But if your going to have that body professionally restored, if it’s salvageable has to be at least 20k TO START. Ther rear quarter alone is like 1900 and you would have to have good metal to start with. Even if it’s a supercharged car that would have to be a labor of love in my opinion . I can tell you there are MANY out there to enjoy right away for 20to 30 k.... I loaded a picture of mine as an example. It’s a driver. I bought it as that. I paid 18 with transport from west coast. It has both tops. It has rust and needs work . If you look today, on Craigslist in st Pete Florida there is a black 55 for sale , original 292 auto. No soft top frame (they are 3 - 5kwhen you find them) But looks to be clean and the ask is 18500. This runs/ drives / stops and looks to be presentable. May have rust may need floors or door supports. But still. It’s a starting point. Just a thought or two... take care and good hunting.


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To be honest, I enjoy building cars, trucks, bikes. I have repaired worse, I have a truck that had been burned and that one was a challenge to get parts for. I don't have anyone do work for me, I do it all myself.
I completely understand where your coming from, it's about the accomplishment.
To be honest, I enjoy building cars, trucks, bikes.
You would have to enjoy it a lot to lose tens of thousands of dollars. Lol

The reality is, most people buy junk cars like this with big hopes and dreams and the cars sits for decades. I've seen that same story over and over again on American Pickers.
Pretty much what’s already been said.Short story is buy the best you can afford.Biggest issue is always corrosion which unfortunately is next to impossible to correct.Not that it can’t be but most shops unwilling/able to do so.