1957 replacement push rod size

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May 2, 2022
Thunderbird Year
So here is a discovery I found last night. On #2 the exhaust pushrod is just sitting down and the rocker arm just flops back and forth.
Upon turning the crank pulley, I get no movement on the #2 exhaust pushrod. Not good.


So, maybe just a bent or broke pushrod, bad valve lifter, broken cam lobe, on and on down the rabbit hole ...
My confusion at the moment is the proper pushrod length for the 1957 Tbird, 312 Y Block 5.1L engine?

According to the "The Ford Y-Block Origin - Maintenance - Rebuild" Book, the pushrods for the 312 Y Block 5.1L are 7.98,

All the parts lookup references I find online for a 57' Tbird show the pushrod size as 8.11. Am I reading this wrong?
Is it supposed to be 8.11 or 7.98 in length?
Has anyone replaced their pushrods on a 57 and know? What's the best priced (cheapest) parts source to order from?
Right now, I am looking at the Millings's MPR-73 pushrods for possible replacements. Thanks