1957 Leaking rear seal


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Engine in or out of the car? Can be done with engine in the car but certainly easier on a stand.
IMO. The only route to go is “ Prestigue Thunderbird “ kit.Quite spendy but in my experience, the only one that works. I personally did 2 before I bought their kit and that was the only one that did the trick.
comes with very detailed instructions.
patience will be your best virtue on this project. Good luck.


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The article below is for replacing the rear main seal with the engine out of the car.


The attached article from the March/April 1996 Early Bird magazine will show you how to replace the rear main seal with the engine in the car.

Whether you are replacing the rear main seal with the engine in or out of the car, read both articles carefully before proceeding.

1955 Thunderbird Blue


  • How to Replace a Rear Mail Oil Seal.PDF
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Rear main seal leaking . I have read that this Is almost impossible to repair. Has anyone had luck with this issue? Any suggestions on the solution would be appreciated.
I have a 57 with a 312 in that was leaking all over the place. Heard about an oil adative called blue devil rear main sealer It had great reviews so i gave it a try. After driving it about a 100 miles, i went from several puddles down to a couple of drops. Also sealed power steering completely.

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