1956 Oil pump feeder tube from oil pan

I have a 312 engine that has always leaked from the oil pump feeder tube that connects the oil pan with the oil pump. I also needed to replace the rear main seal due to leaking. So, I figured I would fix both leaks the same time. This post is regarding the replacement of the oil pump feeder tube seals. I purchased a Pro Gasket kit with the oil pan gasket and the oil pump and feeded tube gaskets.

After disconnecting the oil pump feeder tube and removing the oil pan I tried to remove the rubber gasket from the end of the feeder tube for replacement. I'm stuck because the rubber gasket has a steel sleeve that is pressed onto the tube and its replaced as a complete assembly in the gasket kit. Any suggesting as to how to replace the rubber gasket?

The oil pickup on the Y-block Ford engine is external. It is fed through a hole in the oil pan from the inside out. Two sealing washers are included in the engine gasket kit for the pickup. One goes to the outside (the thicker one) of the pan and seals the pickup against the pan. The other fits between the large nut and the oil pan. Thread the large nut onto the pickup from the outside but do not fully tighten it at this point. The oil pan may now be installed. Be sure to use sealer (I prefer RTV) on the gasket; it seals well and also helps hold the gasket in place during assembly. Once you start the numerous oil pan bolts, a speed handle, socket, and extension to snug them up are great time-savers.


The opposite end of the oil pickup tube, which connects to the oil pump, uses a rubber seal that is also included in the engine gasket kit. A light dab of grease helps protect this seal during installation. Some thread sealer on the nut that secures the pickup tube to the pump is also a good idea.

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Thanks for your detailed description. It's better then FORD describes in their service manual. Yes all replacement parts are in the are included in the gasket kit. When I removed the oil pickup tube from the oil pump and then removed the oil pan I found the thicker washer outside the oil pan was missing. This missing washer is 1/2 of my leaking issue.

The second picture you show is of the end of the oil pickup tube that connects to the oil pump. That rubber seal has a steel sleeve that fits over the pickup tube. Which is identical to the rubber seal in the gasket kit. That rubber seal and sleeve is stuck and I can't remove it from the pickup tube. That is my issue. I'm not sure if it was welded in place or the tube over time expanded or what? Any suggestions on removing is what I need.
Attached is an illustration of the oil pump and related parts from the Thunderbird Illustrations & Reference Manual. The rubber seal that you are referring to is number 6698. In all of the engine rebuilding kits that I have used seal 6698 is just made of rubber, there is no steel sleeve. I don’t know how seal 6698 could compress when nut 6673 is tightened if it had a steel sleeve inside it.

The only suggestion I have is to either use a dremel tool and carefully cut the old seal from the pickup tube, or purchase a replacement pickup tube from one of the many Thunderbird Parts and Service suppliers. I did a quick search and Hills Thunderbird Center shows the pickup tube in their catalog.

1955 Thunderbird Blue


Can't say for sur; of the 7 or so tubes that I have encountered 2 or 3 of them had this retainer, most likely not reused when changing oil pump. I guess that the retainer keeps the seal from moving forward towards the end of the tube which might allow the seal to crimp around the tube in a less desirable spot, at the end of the tube.