1956 is voltage regulator swap easy?

Well I'm not completely positive, but I just spent some time at Napa and left with an alternator condenser. Didn't know that that they were used that way. However it was the only thing that matched up with my tractor.

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Not to be hyper-critical, but your wiring needs to be brought up to snuff. What's shown there is pretty atrocious.

Bare wire strands held down by screws are unacceptable technique, and you can see why. Buy some good quality spade connectors and proper crimp tools, crimp them on and install them under the flat metal "covers" on the tabs.

There are also a bunch of other wires that I can see that need help...bare conductors showing, no strain relief, etc. Several appear to be breaking already.

And yes, that's a radio noise suppression condenser. It's got nothing to do with the generator and no effect on the VR, really. It was an optional thing to deal with noise on the radio from the charging system, along with on on the generator itself, one on the coil (not the one IN the distributor), one on the fuel tank sending unit (or all places), the springy things that were installed under the grease caps on the wheels, and hood bonding clips.

The proper voltage at various RPMs are listed in the Ford Shop Manual. Before messing with adjusting the VR, fix your wires properly (both ends...you probably have similar issues at the generator end, etc.), *CLEAN THE CONNECTIONS* thoroughly, and then see what you have.
Doug7740-I unhook the positive cable from the battery, something my dad did when he parked it. Do I need to polarize the voltage regulator everything I hook it up to go for a drive?

NO! First of all, you shouldn't need to do this unless the car is sitting for an extended period. But more importantly:


You never disconnect the hot side FIRST. ALWAYS disconnect the ground first. Don't believe me? Let the wrench you're using to "unhook" the positive side make contact with anything else, and be ready for some excitement.
Do I need to polarize the voltage regulator everything I hook it up to go for a drive?
Just to clarify...you don't polarize the *voltage regulator*. You polarize the generator, once, when it's first installed after being rebuilt or replaced, prior to the first start after installation. That's it.
Success!! I replaced the voltage regulator, polarized it as per the instructions & it works great! I also used proper connectors, under the tabs. I'm pulling 14 volts at the battery @2,000 rpm. I'm happy. Thanks to everyone for their advice, I do appreciate all of you!