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‘89 with dash issues...

Discussion in '1989 - 1997 Ford Thunderbird' started by Mayniac74, Aug 4, 2018.

  1. Any help would be incredible. My ‘89 has been sitting for two and a half years. I’m getting it running and mechanically it is all good. However, the digital dash will not illuminate, no chimes, no heater/AC blower, no turn signals. The fuses all look good and I even replaced the EEC relay. What am I missing?

  2. I've been dealing with these cars since 2001 hate to say it and may sound strange but it most likely is your ignition switch not the keylock on the column but it is under the dash attached to the column you'll need to remove the plastic covering below the the dash and covers the column if you use a 1/4 ratchet wrench that you can put a torx bit into it will save you from taking down the whole column ain't much fun I know cause I just had this happen to me and yes even though I know these cars well and had done what you did and even considered taking out and replacing ECM glad I didn't have to do that but anyway this should solve your problem good luck
  3. Looks like it is not just the dash...

    No reverse lights either. Could this still be the ignition switch?

  4. Yes it sure sounds like it that's what it did to me so I'd get the ignition switch remember it's under the dash on the column people confuse and don't that and call the wheel key lock the ignition even parts stores but it is where all the wiring plugs into and controls and distributes power to everything and what has happened is the tabs that hold it together have lost its grip and has started to come apart most likely of it's it's just bad but look at the tabs if they loose you can hammer them back together instead of buying a new one I did this
  5. Thank you...thank you...thank you! It worked! After chasing wires to make sure no mice got in there a new ignition relay installed...it works! Thank you for your assistance!
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  6. You're welcome anytime glad to here it's working gotta keep these cars up and running they're going to be worth a mint here no long now

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