steering box

  1. Pink T-Bird

    '57 wiring question - Why is there a 12V lead to my steering box?

    New owner getting familiar with my new toy. While trying to figure out why my oil pressure light does not come on when I start the car I found something odd. A wire to my steering box. And it's hot all the time, not controlled by the ignition key. First picture shows wire going into front...
  2. SJ Barr

    1955 Thunderbird Drivability at Higher Speeds

    Greetings, I’ve owned my 55 for about a year now and upgraded the tires with whitewall radials with the bias ply look. At freeway speeds 55-65 mph the car wanders to the point where safety becomes an issue. Anyone have any idea if this is normal and if not where would I start addressing this...
  3. Z

    1962 Thunderbird steering gear box installation

    Received the car with the gearbox out not sure how it goes back in and where those insulators go that I've read about.? Could motor is out so should be pretty simple. The bolts come in from the fender side or from the engine compartment side? Thanks for your help any links to diagrams or YouTube...