1. cdbintexas

    Seeking Perfect Seats for 2004 Pacific Coast Roadster.

    OK as spring approaches I want to replace the worn seats in my 2004 PCR which is looking at 180,000 miles. The present seats are usable but knowing this may be a long term quest for perfect replacements it is time to start. Local shops are quoting $1000 per seat, a week in the shop, and of...
  2. levi3410

    1991 WANTED! Red/maroon seats and spoiler/wing

    I have a 1991 Ford Thunderbird Base model and am looking for seats that are original or redone that match or are close to the original red/maroon color. I am also looking for a rear wing or spoiler aftermarket or original. Last but not least does anyone have any chrome rims with a 5x4.25 bolt...