1. rptazul

    ISO 1955 Radiator Support Bracket

    Hello All, Looking for this U-Bracket that bolts to the front of the body to the frame. Having no luck on ebay or parts websites or fb market. Anyone have one lying around? Either I or the sandblast shop misplaced mine unfortunately any help would be appreciated or even dimensions if i end up...
  2. T

    FS 1969 2 door parts car

    I have a 69 tbird that has alot of good parts left on it so I don't want to just junk it. most of the crome,all glass, alot of the little parts from the inside (all locks and keys) good carpetpa, Located in Brighton Mi. would like to sell it all but might pull and mail small parts. Make...
  3. jon774

    1968 2 door parts

    I'm selling all my extra parts from my rebuild. I have: the entire front grill and light assembly both front fenders a lot of stainless steel trim door glass rear glass orig. carb orig. power steering pump electric seat controls all four hubcaps orig. AM radio orig. climate controls front...
  4. biddle

    Rock Auto Reviews Warning

    Read the Trustpilot reviews before buying from Rock Auto! Everything is fine unless you have a problem with your order! Here is my story which pales in comparison to some of the ones on TrustPilot! I've been buying parts from Rock Auto and not had a problem with the order until recently. As I...
  5. 88BoostedBird

    Aftermarket parts for 88 Turbo?

    Does anyone know where to find aftermarket parts for an 88 turbo coupe? Or maybe another car with interchangeable parts? Thanks!
  6. biddle

    2002-2003-2004-2005 Ford Thunderbird Junkyard Parts

    These sellers have a lot of parts listed from a couple of different retro birds- New in 2023- New for 2023-...
  7. R

    1966 convertible parts for sale

    I am looking to sell off the parts of a 1966 Convertible. I have 2 fenders, 2 doors, 2 convertible top frames, full wire harness for entire car with relays, all glass, hub caps, 3 dash boards (Blue, black, 2 tone white / blue), tail light assembly.. I am looking to move all at fair price, all...
  8. A

    68 Tbird 2 door parts for sale

    The car was originally listed as parts car for sale. now after selling some parts off, all other parts are for sale. The car was an original Washington state car so little to no rust. No engine or transmission but it is a roller as of now. Asking $ 800 for car as is or send your requests as to...
  9. 0

    Reliable Parts Source?

    I have tried several online parts suppliers and keep getting the wrong parts delivered. RockAuto's record is 50% of the parts are right and 50% are mis-marked and thus the wrong part. Does anyone have an online source that has a comprehensive website, decent pricing, good inventory and...
  10. 19tbird97

    1997 Bird needs wings (and some tlc)

    Would much rather my 97 bird go to someone who can use the parts, instead of being sent to the scrap yard. It was involved in an accident a couple of years ago and haven't had the time/funds to repair. ... I love the beast, but it's time to let go. Make an offer :) Totally stock, damage from...
  11. tbird

    Ford Thunderbird Parts on eBAY

    You can find modern Ford Thunderbird Parts on eBAY by clicking here. You can find vintage / classic Ford Thunderbird Parts on eBAY by clicking here. If there are no listings for your part, click the save search on the results page to get emails when the part is listed. If you are looking for...
  12. C

    1966 Thunderbird

    The restoration of a beautiful 1966 T-bird utilized a donor car. LOTS of great left over parts. Please browse the pictures and see if you spot something you need. Would also sell the LOT. Pictures also show car pre and post resto. Here is a link with pictures of all the parts as I can...
  13. A

    96 T bird wrecked need home

    This Bird needs a new home. I wrecked it in 2010 and I will never be able to work on it. It was a great car and I miss it but it I must let it go. It was still running after the wreck and was in great mechanical condition. 4.6 V8 about 170k miles. It is near Savannah GA and is towable. I want...
  14. Lucas

    Car part's for Thunderbird lx 4.6 V8 1997

    Hello Everyone! I'am Łukasz from Poland. I'am live in Warsaw. 2 years ago I bought my Ford Thunderbird 4.6 V8 lx 1997 in green colour. I was repaired a few part's but in Poland i have a problem with part's for this model. We don't have a shop were we can buy all of part's for my car and I must...
  15. tbird

    2002-2005 New Parts for Sale on Amazon

    Click a link below to buy or search for new 2002-2005 Ford Thunderbird parts online- 2002 Ford Thunderbird Parts 2003 Ford Thunderbird Parts 2004 Ford Thunderbird Parts 2005 Ford Thunderbird Parts
  16. tbird

    Buy 2002 2003 2004 2005 Ford Thunderbird Parts online

    Click a link below to buy or search for 2002-2005 Ford Thunderbird online- 2002 Ford Thunderbird Parts 2003 Ford Thunderbird Parts 2004 Ford Thunderbird Parts 2005 Ford Thunderbird Parts
  17. Free as a Bird

    Replacement Parts: Discontinued-Out of Stock-Not Readily Available

    Perhaps now would be an opportune time to source and identify the final resting places of damaged, junked, and tired 2002-2005 birds that have had the wings clipped! This forum may be the ideal place for a national database....