1. L

    1965 Hubcap issues

    My front hubcaps won’t stay on my 65 Thunderbird. They roll off when I turn the wheel. 1st time occurred on the freeway. I successfully recovered them. But now I keep them off. Problem only with the two front ones. Options?
  2. cscolastico

    Wheel covers 1957 restoration

    Good morning all. I have a 57 bird with original style turbine hubcaps. They are not in bad shape but I would like to buff them out if possible. Are the hupcaps stainless steel or something else? I assume if they are stainless I can polish them just like stainless trim. no?? Thanks
  3. E

    FS- 55-56-57 Tbird wheel covers - hubcaps

    Original 1956 Ford Thunderbird Tbird wheel covers hubcaps with medallion. Excellent condition. 5 pieces 300 USD
  4. M

    62 thunderbird disc brake conversion

    I'm doing a disc brake conversion from a kit I bought on and upgraded to get the kit that goes with the stock wheels. when installing them everything goes in fine except the calipers, which rub. I want to keep original wheels because I have mint condition hubcaps for them...