2002 ford thunderbird

  1. T

    2002 hardtop for sale LA area

    I have a twice used black hard top for a 2002 Thunderbird. This includes the stand and the tools to take it on and off. I sold the car a few years back and didn't sell the hard top with the car. I live in the LA area. It's in excellent condition and has been covered for the entire time. I'd...
  2. Stormshak

    2002 T-Bird wouldn’t start until OBD II was attached

    2002 TB wouldn’t start. Found a blown fuse #17, Fuel Pump, still no start. Replaced Fuel Pump Relay, still no start. Plugged in OBD II to run diagnostics and several error codes came up. The important one alluded to a bad Cam Shaft Sensor,?which I believe senses cam shaft movement and allows...
  3. tbird

    2002 Ford Thunderbird Heritage Rebirth Icon Media Kits

    Purchase on ebay occasionally- Click here. I was recently able to acquire four 2002 Ford Thunderbird Heritage Rebirth Icon Media Kits from an individual in none other than Flat Rock, Michigan! Also, just started a Ford Thunderbird Youtube Channel, please subscribe free here-...
  4. Ultratoo

    2002 MY CLASSIC CAR appearance

    My 2002 T-Bird made a guest appearance on My Classic Car in the background at the 2018 Day of the Duels Car Show in Daytona Shores. My friend suggested to the camera man this would be a good angle for the interview with the owner of the Isetta. Mine wasn't the only one at the show. There was...
  5. B

    2002 Thunderbird 3.9L Piston

    I am looking to buy a piston for a 2002 Ford Thunderbird (3.9L). Everyone I have spoken with says that I must purchase the entire short block; however, someone has to manufacture the piston. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks...
  6. M

    Center console/shift indicator light bulb-out?

    Center console/shift indicator light bulb is out? Sub mini bulb what is the correct size?
  7. T

    Factory Wheels -Brand new in Box

    Brand new Factory Ford wheels for a 2002 or 2003 Thunderbird in original Ford boxes. Set of 4 Ford part #1W6Z-1007-BA Dealer cost almost $1000 a wheel Available for best offer Located in Toronto Canada
  8. tbird

    2002-2005 New Parts for Sale on Amazon

    Click a link below to buy or search for new 2002-2005 Ford Thunderbird parts online- 2002 Ford Thunderbird Parts 2003 Ford Thunderbird Parts 2004 Ford Thunderbird Parts 2005 Ford Thunderbird Parts
  9. tbird

    2002-2005 Ford Thunderbird Performance Upgrades

    See this thread for a list of 2002 2003 2004 2005 Ford Thunderbird Upgrades. http://forums.fordthunderbirdforum.com/threads/recommended-aftermarket-performance-upgrades.5001/