1957 thunderbird

  1. Jay's 57.jpg

    Jay's 57.jpg

    4th of July, 2020 Vintage car parade through Southampton Village. Jay, at the wheel and CoCo at shotgun.
  2. PaxAmericana

    57, where did the fuel in the carb bowl go? possible engine damage?

    After getting my carburetor rebuilt, I decided to let the fuel drain out of the bowls for long term storage as I fix the rest of the car. I unscrewed the fuel bowl bolts to do this, but there was no fuel in the primary fuel bowl. The secondary bowl drained fine. What happened to it? I have...
  3. PaxAmericana

    painting a 57 bird in california, what kind of paint and where to get

    I am starting to paint my 57 tbird. I am looking for starmist blue and colonial white. I will have to strip all the previous paint, as its all in bad condition, and paint the entire car from the metal. The problem is that I live in California, and the brand I see recommended online, PPG Deltron...
  4. CrossBones

    Win this 1957 Ford Thunderbird!

    I've donated my '57 T-Bird to Esperanza Academy, a tuition-free independent middle school for underprivileged girls in Lawrence, Massachusetts, and they're raffling it off! Only 1,000 tickets will be sold at $100 a chance. You can find out more about the car and the school, see more pictures...
  5. Still Cruisin'

    1957 Wheels

    My 81 year old grandfather has just acquired his "dream car" - a 1957 Thunderbird. He's in the process of bringing it back to its former glory and is looking for wheels. Does anyone have any leads on where we can find some? Thanks!!
  6. Skiscott00

    Looking for 1957 Tbird parts

    Looking for an OEM radiator for 1957 bird. Also Chrome lower drivers side window.
  7. D

    Pretty in Pink 1957 Ford Thunderbird Convertible for sale, help.

    Hey all, I inherited a mint condition 1957 Ford Thunderbird Convertible from my father in law last year and now it's time to let her go. I do not have the slightest idea on how to sell a car of this caliber and was looking to you guys/gals to see if you could help point me in the right...
  8. L

    1957 Thunderbird - Definition of "Older Restoration"

    Hello there, We recently purchased a 1957 Thunderbird and we are by no means car experts. The description of the car was as follows: "This is a very nice older restoration. Paint is very nice with good shine. Interior very clean with no visible wear. Chrome is in great condition throughout...