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Root beer

Updated Mar 3, 2019
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  3. 1933Tony
    Had a 1964 Landau, Loved it, a Beautiful Car.
  4. BIRD2U
    Where did you originally buy your car? Do you have any interior pictures? Great car!
  5. Root beer tbird
    Root beer tbird
    Thanks Bird2u. I brought the car from Culver City Los Angeles in 2013. The car is an original “ special landau “ the interior was reupholstered in the states in a off white vinyl not the original parchment. I’ll post a picture soon
  6. Rustbird65
    Looks like you bagged it? Can you tell me what shop did the work for you
  7. Root beer tbird
    Root beer tbird
    Rustbird65 I don’t have any real details but Whittier muffler had something to do with it. I changed the front air bags to ride tech shockwaves because I didn’t like the way it was done and it needed front shocks for Australian rego.


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