Angelo B78

1985 5.0 Tbird new look

My post got deleted from the forum page so I wanted to put the pics here.
My dad bought this car new in 85 and since passed away leaving it to me. I'm 19 now and have been restoring/slightly modifying it. The new exhaust system and new paint really make it a 'Thunder' Bird.
I'll post a video of the exhaust on here soon!
That's a great looking '85 there.. your dad made a good choice..Those '83-'86 birds are really getting harder to find and really getting rare in Turbo coupe form..A friend of mine had an '85 3.8 for a very long time, she loved it but ended up switching to a '91 5.0 sport....... The thing I always liked best about the '83-'86's was the location of the window switches........BTW, I have not seen a '83-'86 Bird on the road that clean for many years.........Keep up the good work........

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