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1981 Shay 1955 Ford Thunderbird Replica

Harry Shay made a deal with Ford to make some cars for dealerships to bring in foot traffic. Unfortunately, they ended up filing bankruptcy and 200 Ford Thunderbirds were made, and there are likely just 100 left. These photos were posted here originally by a member/seller https://forums.fordthunderbirdforum.com/threads/for-sale-1981-shay-55-thunderbird-replica.8023/
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I actually had a $1000 deposit on a Shay and was anxiously awaiting a production number. It would have sold very well I suspect. I heard they had a major problem because of the 5 MPH bumper requirement back then which killed it. They did return my full deposit though. I am happy with the 2005 Anniversary model I do own and it is definitely a lot better car than the Shay would have been because of the technology improvements

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