1957 Ford Thunderbird Bronze (Q)

1957 Ford Thunderbird Bronze (Q)
Currently for sale on BAT-
Decoding the data plate reveals the following information:

Engine: D – 312ci V8 with a single four-barrel carburetor
Model Year: 7 – 1957
Assembly Plant: F – Dearborn, Michigan
Body Type: 40 – Thunderbird body type
Color: QE – Thunderbird Bronze with Colonial White hardtop
Trim: XJ – Bronze vinyl
Build Date: 4B – Built February 4th
I have this car also, with skirts. Mine was a 1993 rotisserie restoration that was stored and seldom driven until 2020. It is an original rust free southwest car. In its many years of sitting things deteriorated somewhat. I have had to replace seat and dash pads, restore the convertible top, rebuild carb and brake booster and reseal trannny. It is a beautiful car that draws attention always.
I'm interested to see what price this car draws. North of $40k I hope.

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