1955 Ford Thunderbird Torch Red (R)

1955 Ford Thunderbird Torch Red (R) Currently listed on BAC with 2 days left in auction-
The car was originally ordered in Torch Red (R), and the seller states that the body was refinished during a 2007 refurbishment that was carried out by Prestige Thunderbird Inc. of Santa Fe Springs, California. Features include a black soft top, fender skirts, LED taillights, and a chrome-finished grille, window surrounds, trim, and bumpers.
it certainly is A 55 KO as the tag says. Beautiful in Torch Red. What I really appreciate about the 55-57 Baby Birds is all the parts available in the after Market.
Restored to the level in the photo’s.....well the next question is, who restored it? Sorry just re-read the post. Prestige did a nice job. All the best to the seller @ the BAT AUCTION. I’m waiting to see how my Raven Black 56 T-Bird fares on BAT also. They seem to always have a lot of FoMoCo‘S finest on the Auction site.
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With the exception of the power windows and the continental kit it is exactly like mine. I have the hardtop to go with it. My paint is at least as good. Mine has been converted to a 12-volt system with an alternator.

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