Theft prevention, Alarm system, GPS tracking?

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Jun 28, 2024
Thunderbird Year
Summer road trip time is upon me and the thought of my car outside while I sleep bothers me
Curious about how and what type of equipment / hardware some owners are using to protect their cars, as the days of Lojack seem to be over.
Obviously, things have changed alot and I find myself on Google looking at GPS units. Some more expensive than others and require a service fee and
that's ok because it's my wife's money
Others that can be placed in a magnetic waterproof plastic box, some with an antenna that can't be covered by metal (How do you hide that?)
Cell phone tracking, so a little airtag sort of device (Albeit I use Android), mounting in hidden place, rechargeable batteries etc.
One friend told me to get another phone and link the mapping for location
Haven't looked for direct alarm systems yet, Cost really isn't an issue within reason but at my age some of it is daunting, so I digress and ask for help.
Surely I'm not alone needing info on this (And stop calling me Shirley) Smiles !!
Thanks in advance
All be well
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You should go to a local car stereo shop. They sell and install alarms as well and can help you navigate the brands and styles.
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My son had an air tag in a laptop bag that was in a car that was stolen from his house. He was able to track it and the lady that stole the car was arrested. You did not say what transmission you have, but most folks do not know that you have to put ones with an automatic in neutral to start. You can also unscrew he ball on the automatic transmission enough that the release button will not work. When you get in the car, just screw it down and push the button and it is back to normal. simple and will fool most thieves.
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