Brake system

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Does anyone have information on upgrading the braking system on the 90's T-Bird to the Lincoln LSC system?

Please post any other upgrades you might have done so I can get suggestions.

96 T-Bird LX 4.6L
I have always had problems with the front rotors getting "out of true" and was told that the front brakes are undersized for the V8--there is just too much heat generated. I was also told that there wasn't enough room to install larger brakes. I never followed up with another mechanic to confirm this--I just keep re-doing the rotors.

I would also be interested in any ways to upgrade the brakes.

1995 LX 4.6
2002 triple black


the mn12 brakes are to small for the v6 or the v8, the MKVIII brakes are a direct bolt in, there not much better but they do improve stopping and warping. you could also go with a KVR dual piston 10.8" brake kit. or upgrade to a 17"+ wheel and go with the 13" brake kit. check for more info on the brake kits and install.

1996 Thunderbird LX 4.6l
1966 Thunderbird "Q" code conv.
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