64 starter motor identification.

Hey everyone my starter motor has just failed on me and Im trying to get some idea of which starter motor I need to replace it. I am unable to get underneath and take it out myself. I have the 64 ford thunderbird 6.4 390 engine 2 door hardtop. Any help would be much appreciated, would like to get back on the road ASAP....
Unfortunately as I'm based in the UK sending things to the states is out of the question as we have very high shipping costs. Sent a 3kg parcel to texas the other day 71 bucks.
So it would be cheaper to buy just a whole new one and send it here.

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I'm surprised you haven't looked at having it rebuilt. I know English cars are known for electrical issues so there should be a good supply of talent.. I'm sure you can find a rebuilder not too far away. I've always held the axiom that it's better to rebuild the original. The other thing you hear is 'They don't make them as well now as they used to'.


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A would trust a rebuild from a local shop with experienced people more rather than a new one that is likely made in China. The exception would be if an original was considered to be poorly designed and a new one has an upgraded design.