56 fuel Pump Recommendations

I put a new mechanical pump in last year and it lasted about 10 minutes. I plan to pull it out to see if the arm is in correct position. Meanwhile I have be using a cheap electric fuel pump to prime the car and now am using it full time. Any brand and model suggestions? Should I put a regulator on it? It chatters when I am in the drive through. Where should the regulator be located?
That happened to me twice, fuel/vacuum pump quit after very short time.
I ended up taking three pumps apart and making one--without the vacuum part. Been motoring peacefully ever since.
Electric pumps work best in the tank or as far back as possible, regulators are most effective close to the carb. I have no suggestions for brands or models, sorry.

Ward 57

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If you still have the original hold on to it. They are worth some $. Where did you buy your new pump? There have been many reports of 'New' are junk out of the box. If you got it from one of the major T-Bird suppliers I'm sure they will work with you as they are familiar with the problem. Rebuild or re-built is your best option.